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[MGW] – Misfit Generation

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We are a social PVE Raiding guild with a casual but dedicated play style. We are focused on progression and end-game content. We have a diverse roster and run weekly guild events and guild missions. For more information visit

Leader: Rocket Dog.2710
Officers: Serinetempest.9027, Capt Harlock.5483, Lazyhobo.5423, wook.7863, Amaya.8627, GoldCoin.7501, Ashsmash.7048, Ungodly Reaper.8794

Welcome to the new MGW Forums on Darkhaven.US!!

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    Rocket Dog

    Hey all! This is the first entry for the MGW guild on the Darkhaven.US website! Hellllloooo World!!!!!!

    Clara Fee

    There’s something very wrong with how this page renders. /sigh More stuff to fix…

    Serine Tempest

    Hello all

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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